Welcome to amplified therapy

Amplified Therapy is a family owned business that was started in 2013 with the goal of building a Company that specializes in providing high quality care for children in southwest New Mexico.  This objective is at the forefront of all decisions that are made and we are constantly striving to reach this goal. We are truly blessed to have hired some of the best professionals in the area!  

Amplified Therapy is a New Mexico Family Infant Toddler provider in Catron, Grant, Hidalgo, and Luna Counties.  The NM FIT program provides early intervention services and supports to families of children age birth to three who have or who are at risk for developmental delays or disabilities.   

In  addition to working with the FIT program, ATI also provides occupational and speech-language pathology services to various school districts in southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona.  

ATI utilizes over four decades of research by implementing proven practices and assistive technology to address the needs of children with disabilities.  These tools are rooted in the idea of  building relationships and focusing on the strengths of the children. By reinforcing the abilities of their families to provide a natural and  comforting environment, these aspects can be nurtured over time by  ATI’s qualified staff.  

Early Intervention Really Works!!!

  • EI services are provided at no cost to families.  
  • EI services include support from a team of professionals.
  • EI services are available for children birth to three years of age.  

Leadership Team

Autumn Bruton


Chief Executive Officer/President

Beau Bradberry


Vice President of Clinical Services

Shalako Bradberry


Executive Director of Early Intervention Services

Mission, Vision, Values


To provide superior pediatric healthcare services by employing staff that are committed to ATI's values, creating a positive work environment, fostering community relationships, and adhering to best business practices. 


ATI is committed to be the premier pediatric healthcare provider in our hometown communities. 


Respect: At the core of ATI's values is respect.  Respect means you treat each other as equal team members invested in the achievement of ATI's mission.  ATI staff are expected to treat each other with courtesy, because ATI believes success is predicated on mutual respect and appreciation for the diversity that all team members bring to the Company. 

Compassion: At the heart of ATI's success is compassion.  ATI will treat people with kindness, demonstrate empathy, and be mindful of their unique needs.

Integrity: ATI is committed to operating with integrity.  ATI will be honest and fair in its dealings with employees, customers, and community.  ATI will abide by all governing rules, regulations, and policies.

Excellence: ATI is committed to the use of its talents, skills, and resources to achieve excellence.  ATI will utilize best business practices as well as evidence-based approaches to provide a high quality of care.  In pursuit of excellence, ATI will be at the forefront of pediatric healthcare in the communities we serve. 

Management Team

Destre Shelley


Chief Financial Officer

Jessica Allsup


Office Manager

Brittany Davenport


Billing Manager

Gretchen Zollinger


Human Resources Manager

Tanner Allsup


Program Director in Luna County

April Mitchell


Program Director in Catron County

Marketing Coordinator