Early Intervention is...

The FIT Program partners with your family to understand your child’s strengths and needs. We recognize that you are the most important person in your child’s life. Your knowledge of your child will help guide the Early Intervention process.

Your Family Service Coordinator (FSC) will provide information and will support your family’s involvement throughout the time you are receiving Early Intervention services. Your FSC will also help you understand your rights under the FIT Program and will coordinate transition services when your child approaches age three.

If your child is eligible for services, you , your FSC and your Early Intervention provider(s) will work together to develop a plan of supports and services that are a good fit for your family. Your Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will include goals, strategies and ideas that you can use every day to support your child’s learning and development.

Your provider’s role is to work with you to support your child’s learning. As a coach, your provider will:
    · Listen to your concerns and priorities
    · Share information and strategies to foster your child’s development
    · Support you to use strategies with your child between visits in your home

Your IFSP team will include a Lead provider who will work closely with you to ensure that services are effective and comfortable for your family.

Children learn best while doing meaningful, everyday things with their families. Activities such as playing, getting dressed and eating a meal all help children learn many important skills. Your family and your Early Intervention provider will support your child’s learning by including strategies in everyday activities that:
    · Are familiar for your child
    · Are fun so your child wants to join in
    · Occur often to give your child many opportunities for practice

Instead of bringing in special toys and materials to your home, you and your provider will support your child’s participation in daily activities using your family’s objects and toys.

Visits with providers may also occur in other settings where your child spends time such as childcare, community activities or events with friends and family.
FIT collaborates with early childhood community programs including Early Head Start, Home Visiting, Children’s Medical Services and others. 

It is not necessary to determine a diagnosis or delay prior to referral.  Simply the fact that you are concerned about your child's development is enough to generate a referral.  

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